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Customer Service Compliments

Christine - Customer Service Rep - Austin, TX

Christine - Customer Service Rep - Austin, TX

  • 1/29/2016  William W Ferguson
    “Dear Customer Service Management, I initiated an order online today for a Sonoma doorbell and wireless converter but was unable to complete the transaction due to temporary problems with the website/order submission system.  I contacted customer service for assistance and spoke with Christine who was able to complete the transaction for me.  The manner in which she dealt with me and resolved the issues was commendable in all respects including personal interface, focus, problem solving, follow-up and overall concern for the customer and taking care of the problem.  In doing so she also provided on her own initiative advice that was most useful and certainly appreciated.  I would rate my experience as among one of the best I have had in dealing with a customer service professional.”

  • 11/4/15  Megan A.    
    “Your customer service is outstanding – I will definitely use your company in the future!”

  • 10/9/15  Susan D.    
    “Chirstine - thank you so much you are wonderful!  I was afraid the doorbell could not be shipped to Canada. But you made it happen. I'm SO EXCITED! Thank you so much, and it's been really nice talking to you.  Stay cool!”

  • 9/18/15  Saralee O.    
    “Thank you very much for all your good efforts. I am sorry if I sounded unpleasant. Your professionalism is appreciated.”

  • 5/21/15  Sharon H.    
    “Christine, you are a customer service heroine! Bless you. And thank you. :-) “

  • 5/6/15    Jean W.    
    “I really appreciate your professionalism and follow through.”

  • 4/20/15  Kimberly U.    
    “I love my ladybug!! It was worth the wait!!”

  • 3/30/15  John L.    
    “Their people are very nice, patient and helpful, almost as nice as you.”

  • 3/27/15  Erin S.    
    “Can’t wait to have my lady bug installed!  Thanks for all of your help and the careful follow up.”

  • 3/17/15  Elysse G.    
    “Thank you for your attention to this matter and wonderful customer service. I have received the shipping notice of the replacement doorbell.”

  • 3/17/15  THOMAS D.    
    “Thank you so much Christine. Great customer service.”

  • 3/11/15  Chris H.    
    “I really appreciate that you let me know the possibly of delay because of bad weather and closings, I will wait patiently for notification of delivery. Again thank you for kindness in letting me know of possible delay. “

  • 2/24/15  Joe B.    
    “Thanks again. You have been a pleasure to work with.”

  • 1/24/15  Linda B.    
    “I want to thank you for your patience on this issue.  I sincerely appreciate your attention”.

  • 1/21/15  Lacie R.    
    “I just want to say thank you so much for your help on the new door bell.”

  • 1/9/15    Matthew C.    
    “I am very impressed by how quickly you answered and the quote by Charles R Swindoll”

  • 1/8/15    Lacie R.    
    “Thank you so much for your help and assistance with this.  I really do appreciate your help.”

  • 1/7/15    Anna Marie Z.    
    “By the way, it was a pleasure working with you !!   You're awesome!!  Thanks for all your help.”

  • 1/5/15    Anna B.    
    “Thank you so much for not giving up, I really appreciate you!”

  • 12/17/14: Michael C.
    "Thanks for your good service."

  • 12/16/14: Steven S.
    "Thanks Christine.  I have received the confirmation email.  Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter and have a great holiday!"

  • 12/16/14: Melynda C.
    "Christine, I could not have accomplished this without you and I appreciate your help.  I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.   I wish you were my next door neighbor : we could visit one another often that way."

  • 12/10/14: Anne D.
    "Hello Christine,  Thank YOU and it was a pleasure speaking with you, too."

  • 12/2/14: Megan B.
    "You have been amazing!!  Thank you for that extra effort. It means a lot to me.  I am so excited about my new doorbells.  You were extremely helpful.  Make sure your manager knows that.  Have a wonderful holiday season."

  • 11/27/14: André B.
    "I would like to say I'm very happy about Miss Chris services she gave too me.  I received  a very nice door bell today and I would like to thank you for the great service I had."

  • 11/25/14: Todd E.
    "Thanks for your help Christine.  I really appreciate your timeliness in resolving this for us."

  • 11/18/14: Lynn V.
    "Thank you so much Christine, I really appreciate your hard and fast work on this!"

  • 11/17/14: Mandy R.
    "Hi Christine, I wanted to say thank you for getting me my package as needed. I love my new pushes and door bell. Thanks."

  • 11/14/14: Michael W.
    "Thank you for your prompt response."

  • 11/13/14: Barb B.
    "You do your job so well, Christine. I cannot thank you enough."

  • 11/12/14: Shelley O.
    "Thanks for quick response and great customer service."

  • 11/4/14: Barb B.
    "I am so fortunate to have you as my sales person, Christine!  Will be in touch."

  • 10/29/14: Maryann D.
    "I cannot tell you what a pleasure ordering from your company has been! Exceptional customer service!"

  • 10/23/14: Meredith M.
    "Christine, I'd also like to thank you for your caring, your kindness and your professionalism.  I appreciate your handling of this situation and the pleasant way you do business.  THANK YOU!!!"

  • 9/27/14: Meredith M.
    "You have managed this situation so efficiently and effectively!  I hope The Doorbell Factory highly values your innate abilities to not only get problems solved but also to add delight to the conversation during the process!  I am unduly impressed!!  AND Christine, thank you for making this process a smooth one.  Your demeanor has made such a difference in this transaction.  There are so many aspects and choices in the process of building a house.  When something doesn't go smoothly, it can be very upsetting and take time away from moving forward to other decisions that are necessary.  YOU have made a difference for the positive and I am very grateful!  I will definitely recommend The Doorbell Factory to my friends!!  Thank you!"

  • 9/23/14: Meredith M.
    "Thank you for your prompt reply, Christine!  You are a pleasant combination of professionalism and kindness... I appreciate that alot!!"

  • 8/29/14: Brenda K.
    "Thank you Christine. We received the new one yesterday and I painted it last night.  We are very happy with it. Thank you for the terrific customer service. Given the opportunity, we will recommend The Doorbell Factory!"