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  2. Wireless Doorbell System

  3. Wired Doorbell System

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1. Order Information

  • Order Inquiry
    Please check the processing time under the product description on the page of the item you have ordered. Shipping times vary per product. If you ordered multiple items, please check the shipping times for each item as they may be shipping separately from different locations.

    If it has been passed the time frame on the product page for each item you ordered, please contact us here.

  • Cancel/Change Order
    When you place an order, we jump into action to help ensure your package is delivered within our specified shipping time frames.

    If you need to delete an item, reduce a quantity or cancel your order, please act promptly by contacting us. Please note: We will not be able to cancel or make any changes to your order once your order is in fulfillment.

    We are unable to add items, or increase the quantity of items, on an order that has already been submitted. If you would like to add new items to your order, or increase the quantity of the items you've purchased, please place a new order.

  • Sales Tax
    We charge sales tax for all Texas orders. We do not charge sales tax for any other state.

  • Your Order Security
    Yes. Our Site is run on a Protected platform and is 100% secure. All credit card information is removed from our system automatically after 30 days. We have very advanced systems in place that protect our customers.

  • International Orders
    Yes, rates vary and will be calculated at checkout before you submit payment. We ship via USPS Priority International Mail for all international orders.

2. Wireless Doorbell System

  • Wireless System Guide
    Please visit our Wireless System Guide for detailed information on our Wireless Systems.

  • Wireless Chimes & Decorative Buttons
    You can choose a wireless chime here. They all come with wireless buttons, but you can purchase more decorative wireless buttons here. Be sure to choose one of the Wireless Button Options from the drop down menu as most of our decorative doorbells are offered in both wired and wireless, through the use of a converter.

    Please see our Wireless System Guide for more information regarding both Wireless Systems available.

  • Wireless Converter Options
    For most of our decorative doorbells we offer 2 wireless options: Converter A and Converter B. Please visit our Wireless System Guide for detailed information on these two options.

3. Wired Doorbell System

  • Wired Doorbell Requirements
    You will need a wired button and a wired chime. You may need to purchase a transformer if you do not already have a wired system installed. If this is a brand new system, you may also need bell wire as well. You can find both the transformer and bell wire here.

    We do not provide installation advice as we do not have any qualified professionals on staff to do so. Please contact a professional in your area for the requirements that your house may need.

  • Wired Doorbell Installation
    We have some information on our Installation Tips page that may be helpful to you. CAUTION - We do not have any qualified professionals on staff to provide installation advice. Please contact a professional in your area for the requirements that your house may need.

  • Transformer Voltage
    Our transformers are all 16 volt, but they will work with 12-16 volt doorbells. We do not carry any transformers under 12 volt.

  • Diodes
    If they are needed, diodes come with the chimes, not the button. If you have an older chime, it may need a diode. The diode gets installed on the two screws on the button along with the wires. It allows the electrical signal to last a bit longer when the button is pressed, which is what some old chimes need. We do not sell diodes.

4. Special Features - Doorbells & Chimes

  • Multiple Doorbells
    Yes, most of our Honeywell and many of the Broan Nutone brand chimes will accomplish this. Please visit the manufacturer pages to view their respective chimes. Please do check the individual chime page to make sure that the particular chime has this capability.

  • Extender Chimes to Add Transmission Range
    Our chime extender provides additional transmission range up to 100 feet. The chime extender is a unit that is activated when your existing chime sounds. This chime will work with a wired or wireless chime. There are two parts to the chime extender. The first unit is placed next to your existing chime. The second unit is placed anywhere up to 100 feet away from the first unit.

    Click here to learn more about our extender chime.

  • Surface Mount Doorbells
    The majority of the items on our website do not mount flush to the wall. Click here for all of our surface mount doorbells.

  • Screw Hole Distance
    We carry a lot of different manufacturers and they do not provide screw hole distance. Often this is because the doorbells are handcrafted and screw hole distance can vary from one item to another, even though it is the same design. We have also found that it is very challenging to find a doorbell with the exact screw hole distance of an existing doorbell.

  • Custom Doorbells
    No, we do not make custom doorbells at this time, however we offer many unique designs and many have multiple finish options. 

  • Rust-Proof Doorbells
    Our solid brass and stainless steel doorbells will not rust.

  • Adhesive Mount Doorbells
    If you prefer a doorbell buton with an adhesive mount, as opposed to the majority of the doorbell buttons which require screws, click here for our adhesive mount doorbells.

  • Lighted Chimes
    This chime is specifically designed for the hearing-impaired and others who require a visual signal when the doorbell rings. A plug-in chime, this doesn't require wiring into your system. The doorbell itself has an unlighted button.Click here for our lighted chimes.

  • Recordable Chime with Speaker Connections
    We have 2 chimes that are fully recordable to play anything you want. The amplifier in these chimes will drive two additional auxiliary speakers. Click here for our Recordable Chimes. Click here for the Piano Chime.

  • Intercom Systems
    We do not have any products with intercom features.

5. Your Personal Information

  • Your Privacy
    The Doorbell Factory will not share, sell or lease any information collected from its customers. This includes but is not limited to name, address, email, phone number, or demographic information. We consider your right to privacy and the security of your personal information to be a priority.

    Some instances when The Doorbell Factory may request information from you are: registering on, placing an order, requesting order status information, technical support or customer service assistance. We do not keep any credit card information on file after your purchase.

  • Update Your Information
    Please click here to sign in and update your information.

6. Returns, Exchanges & Shipping

  • Instructions for Returns & Exchanges
    If you need to return an item, please send an email to, and tell us your order number and reason for return or exchange, and we will get back to you with a return authorization number and instructions on where to send the doorbell. We'll notify you via e-mail of your credit once we've received and processed the returned item.

  • Return & Exchange Policy
    Click here to see the Return Policy. Please note that some doorbells are custom made to order and cannot be returned but will be replaced if defective. To find out if the doorbell you purchased is non-returnable, please visit the Product Description on the product page for the item(s) you ordered.

  • Shipping
    We have listed the shipping times under the product description for each item on our website. The processing and shipping times vary per manufacturer. Please check the product's page for shipping times. Some products ship directly from the manufacturer to cut down on shipping and transit time. Occasionally some products are on backorder or out of stock. Products will ship as soon as they come in from the manufacturer.

    We can ship to virtually any address in the world. Note that there are restrictions on some products, and some products cannot be shipped to international destinations. We ship all international orders via USPS Priority Mail International.

7. Doorbell Factory Company Information

  • Contact Information
    Your inquiry will be answered more quickly via email at, however, if you would prefer to leave a voicemail and have someone call you back within 1 business day, Monday-Friday, please call 888-480-8860.

  • Physical Location
    We do not have a physical location where you can see our products in person. If you have any additional questions regarding our products, please contact us here.