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Wireless Converter Options

There are two types of wireless converters available to transform your decorative doorbell into a wireless decorative doorbell: Honeywell Wireless Converter (Compatible with Honeywell Décor Series Wireless Chimes) and Nutone Wireless Converter Button (Compatible with Nutone MP3 Wireless Chime)

 Honeywell Wireless Converter

Honeywell Wireless Converter (Model# RPWL3045A1003/A) is a device that connects to a standard wired doorbell and is mounted on inside wall of your home. There is no button to replace, which means that the doorbell button will look how it appears on the product page. See below for more information on the Wireless Converter B.


Honeywell Wireless Converter uses a small converter box (1 ½” wide x 3” long x 1” deep), which is mounted to the inside of your home to send a wireless signal to a wireless doorbell chime. The converter can be connected to any wired doorbell button using a small wire (included - 19 3/4" in length). Simply drill a ¼” diameter hole behind the wired doorbell button through your exterior wall, thread the small wire through the hole, connect it to the two screws on the converter box, and mount on your inside wall. This option allows the converter to transmit a wireless signal throughout your home without losing signal strength from having to penetrate through your exterior wall. The converter will transmit a frequency up to 450 feet.  Works with RCWL300A, RCWL330A and all Decor Series Wireless Chimes.

Nutone Wireless Converter Button

Nutone Wireless Converter Button (Model# PB78LWHCL) replaces the standard wired doorbell button that comes with the doorbell and is a white button with a clear rim. The white center button with clear rim is the only color option available with this converter. All of the electronics are inside the button, and it will send a transmission signal to compatible door chimes. The wireless version of these converted doorbells will have the white button with the clear rim around it, regardless of what is displayed as the product image. Product images only display the wired version of the doorbell. See below for more information on the Wireless Converter A.


Nutone Wireless Converter Button uses a wireless button that is shaped like a small tube. It requires a ¾" hole drilled 3 ½" deep behind your chosen doorbell design. Be sure that you have enough room to drill this hole. To install, drill the ¾ inch diameter hole 3 ½ inches deep in the wall behind the doorbell cover you have chosen, mount the doorbell cover using the mounting hardware provided, and push the wireless button/ transmitter into the hole until it is snug against the doorbell cover face.


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